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Zoy Frangos as

Dr Madden/Dr Fine

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Clay Roberts as



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"I was given the opportunity to work with Darylin and Doorstep theatre in 1999 in a production of Pippin. Not only was it a gift to work with a company that is highly professional in its approach to both the work and the management of cast and crew, it was a unique experience to be instantly plugged into a tight-knit community and invited into their lives. Geelong has produced an astounding amount of performers, creatives and technical crew and it is probably due to culture of support, solidarity and community that pervades every aspect of life in Geelong from sport to the arts.


I think Doorstep provides a creative breeding ground for theatrical talent in a way that is both inspiring and passionate. Everywhere I travel in theatre circles, Geelong is well represented and I believe it is the ongoing work of Doorstep in giving people a taste of the professional world of theatre that is to thank for that."





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